Solothurn provides a safe and supported retreat environment where you can come and “rest a while”, begin to work through complicated issues and concerns in your life and learn a range of tools and techniques that will help you better manage your life in the future.

At some point however, you will need to go back in to the “real world” and it is absolutely essential that you do this with a comprehensive support network and safety net in place.

The Solothurn model incorporates a focus on planning for the future right from the start of your recovery journey. We take the time to understand your particular issues and what challenges you are likely to face; we help you to proactively identify solutions and we will assist you to set up circles of support – a group of people who will support you, encourage you and give you the practical support and guidance you need to maintain your commitment to a new life despite the challenges you may encounter along the way. They may include supportive friends and family, local counsellors and role models we can help you connect with.

You will leave fully armed with a personal plan and clear strategies for how to maintain the process of change you have commenced during your time at Solothurn.

We will also stay in touch with you regularly during the weeks and months after your departure and, if you live locally, you are welcome to come back and visit for ongoing support and assistance.