We believe that access to high-quality services and support for addressing stress, anxiety, depression, addiction and trauma should be available to everyone who needs it.

Solothurn is excited to be the first residential retreat and rehabilitation service in Australia that operates on a social business model. A social business is a privately owned, non-government funded business enterprise that is founded specifically to achieve a positive social impact.

You will find our pricing highly competitive compared to other private residential rehabilitation services available in Australia. Our prices are inclusive of all of your accommodation costs, meals, airport transfers (from Brisbane airport or the Sunshine coast Maroochydore airport), therapeutic programs delivered by university qualified professional staff, and services such as massages and yoga. There are no hidden extras or out of pocket expenses.

Your only additional costs will be to pay for any medications you need to take, your personal toiletries and any spending money for use on day trips (e.g. if you would like to buy a juice/water/coffee/tea from a café while we are visiting a beach).

We offer three different types of accommodation.

For those guests wanting greater privacy and independence, the private chalets are highly recommended. The mountain view suites are perfect for those who want their own space but still want to be in the heart of all the action! And the farmhouse rooms are great for guests on a budget who want their own bedroom but don’t mind sharing a bathroom and living area with one or two other guests. An essential element of a retreat experience is some personal downtime for reflection and processing so we recommend you think carefully about how you feel about sharing with strangers before
you choose the farmhouse option – it won’t suit everyone.

There is no instant cure for stress, depression or addiction. It takes a substantial amount of time to work through a range of complex issues, learn new skills, and develop the strength in yourself to go back out into the world with a new focus and fresh determination. Therefore, the more time you put in, the better results you are likely to achieve.

Contact us today to discuss a tailored package especially suited to your needs.

Operating as a social enterprise without any government funding, Solothurn is also pleased to offer the William Colhoun Scholarship program for people experiencing financial hardship or exceptional circumstances. We have four intakes to the scholarship program each year and the waiting lists are usually very long.

We are proud to be the first rehabilitation facility in Australia to offer this type of subsidy and it is made possible by tailoring a pricing structure which enables profits to be re-invested into the business, including through the scholarship program. Full fee paying guests are therefore helping to “pay it forward” – making it possible for people in less fortunate financial circumstances to also access the range of benefits Solothurn has to offer.

Coming to Solothurn means you get to feel good and help someone else feel good as well … What a great idea!