At Solothurn, we have brought together a team of passionate, purpose driven individuals who are each experts in their field. We share a singular focus on providing a place of healing where you will receive caring, non-judgemental and professional support and encouragement for every step of your journey.

Collectively, we aspire to the best at what we are doing in Australia. We can’t wait to meet you!

Alicia Eugene, Founder and Managing Director

Solothurn Wellness Retreat is the realisation of Alicia’s long held vision of a place of healing where people will come to change their lives in the healthy and healing environment of a country farm.

With a successful career in senior management and executive level roles in both the public and not for profit sectors; Alicia is combining her skills in leadership, business development, program design and project management with her passion for social justice.

Alicia holds a B Justice with Distinction, Honours (1st class), Grad B Education and is a Prince2 certified Project Manager. Alicia’s work in program design has won various sector awards and she is also an experienced and capable facilitator and educator who has worked with diverse groups, including delivery of group based programs to people in prison with substance abuse issues.

Alicia is relishing the experience of building a high performing team of therapists who are experts in their fields. She looks forward to welcoming you to Solothurn: seeing you breathe deeply, cherish your blessings and reconnect with the best in yourself.

“If I plant a green bough in my heart; the singing bird will come”

Dr Dixie Statham, Clinical Psychologist (Senior Consultant)

Registration No. PSY0001369094 – Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)

Dr Statham has many years of experience in both private and public sectors where she has been involved in the assessment and treatment of acute and chronic depression, anxiety and alcohol use problems. Additionally she has published research in these areas in leading international scientific journals.

Dr Statham graduated from The University of Queensland with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, as well as a Master’s Degree, obtained following her Honours Degree (1st class)

She is an active member of two professional organizations, the Australian Psychological Society’s College of Clinical Psychologists (APS), and the Australian ClinicalPsychology Association (ACPA;

Dr John Barletta, Counselling and Clinical Psychologist (Visiting Specialist)

For 34 years Dr John has provided education, counselling, and psychological services.
His career began as a teacher, then guidance counsellor, relationship educator, and tenured senior university academic, and continued with extended studies and work in the USA and Italy.

He trained at QUT (DipT, GradDipCouns), ACU (BEd), UQ (MEdSt), OhioU (PhD), and APF (Rome).

Dr John is an energetic, practical, down-to-earth professional who has a passion for helping adults challenged by various issues, as well as those seeking greater balance in life. He promotes healthy living via integrated positive psychology principles. His expertise includes therapy, workshops, keynotes, medico-legal and psych assessments, corporate consulting, executive coaching, mediation, clinical supervision, and peer consultation.

Ohio University honoured Dr John with the George Hill Memorial Award, which recognises the outstanding scholarship, service and leadership of alumni. He is author of The Home Therapist and The Practice of Clinical Supervision, has been the psychology expert columnist for Style magazine for many years, and is an occasional radio commentator on psychological issues.

Dr John joins the Solothurn team delivering a regular weekly seminar series focused on building emotional resilience, designing life balance and building healthy relationships.

Natalie Menyweather, Equine Therapist

Natalie has a love of people and animals and has combined these to follow her dreams and create her life’s work as an equine therapist and researcher.

After completing a Bachelor of Social Work, Natalie has worked in diverse fields including the housing and homelessness sector, remote aboriginal communities, the disability sector, child protection and prisons. Through this experience and knowledge Natalie aims to provide a calm, safe and supportive approach to her equine practice with children, adults and groups.

After realising the innate connection between all animals and social work practice, Natalie has been passionate about developing her knowledge and wisdom in this field. She trained with Equine Psychotherapy Institute (EPI) in November 2013 and went on to complete a post graduate certificate with the University of Denver on the human animal bond in 2014. For the last two years Natalie has been specialising in supervision for EPI equine assisted learning and psychotherapy practitioners across Australia and has presented twice at the Institute’s conferences. In 2016, Natalie completed her Masters of Social Work by research in the field of equine and animal assisted therapy.

Natalie also works part time at the University of the Sunshine Coast supporting social work students on their field placements and tutoring in the Social Work program. She looks forward to working with you alongside her herd here at Solothurn in the near future.

Joshua Bennett, Surfing and SUP Coach

Having grown up with the beautiful beaches of the Sunshine Coast on his doorstep; Josh has grown up in the water and started surfing when he was 6. His love of surfing has also helped to fuel a passion for travel and he has surfed his way around the world through Asia, Europe, Central and South America.
He holds a BA Education and is currently teaching part time in PE at a local college. He has completed a Certificate in Water Rescue and Safety, Swim Coaching and Water Safety (Level 1), Surf Coaching and Water Safety (Level One) and also holds First Aid and CPR qualifications.
A keen social entrepreneur; Josh co-founded the successful Frontier travel journal with his wife – Kerrie Anne; which inspires people to pursue their passions and live the life of their dreams. He is looking forward to helping people discover the healing power of the ocean and the restorative process it can bring to finding calmness.

Selina Stewart, Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Selina Stewart is a fully qualified Hatha yoga teacher with 20 years experience. “Yoga for me is an expression of life. I am so grateful to practice the teachings and techniques of yoga in my daily life and share these with others. I love to encourage and support others through the practice of yoga, allowing them to truly reconnect through movement, breath and relaxation / meditation. My aim is to instil and restore peace, balance and joy within, giving individuals the best opportunity to reach their full physical, mental and spiritual potential throughout their journey of life.”

Owner of Smile Within Yoga and Smile Within Chai Tea.

Natalie Harms, Clinical Nutritionist

(BHSc Nut Med)

Natalie Harms is a university-trained nutritionist who uses the latest science and her knowledge of food and its impact on health to help her clients achieve optimum health.

Natalie’s connection with food comes from growing up on a farm in Western Queensland and being part of a family where growing food and cooking from scratch was part of everyday life. This connection with food was lost while she pursued a career in the corporate world and it took many years for her to realise that the food she was eating (or not eating), how she was eating it and her lifestyle were impacting her health.

A trip to Brazil volunteering with a charitable organisation to treat disadvantaged children with heart conditions, a passion to give her own children a healthy start to life and memories of a healthy, carefree life on the farm put her back on the road to connecting with real food again and becoming a nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine.

Nutritional medicine is the scientific study of understanding how foodsand their nutrient chemical components function in the body, and how food and their nutrients can be used as medicine to keep a person in optimum health or to assist in the treatment of a broad range of health conditions.

It is evidence-based and draws on the latest biomedical and scientific research to develop treatment approaches to illness and disease,for primary prevention and to promote optimal health and well-being.

Natalie’s philosophy is to empower her clients to understand what foods and nutrients are required for optimum health and to focus on a dietary pattern (not select foods) full of natural, fresh wholefoods to provide the right balance of nutrients for health. She helps her clients understand what’s impacting their health and works with them to develop dietary and lifestyle changes that are sustainable.

Michelle Govan - Counsellor And Family Therapist

Michelle Govanis a registered counsellor with adults, adolescents, and children and has experience in three diverse roles: community support, education, and therapeutic services. These form a strong foundation for her understanding of human behaviour and development in the care of individuals and their families. Married for 32 years and a mother of 4 herself, she recognizes that the journey of life gets hard at times. We all need the opportunity to be heard, understood, and receive compassionate support to navigate life’s challenges to enable us to move forward into genuine and lasting happiness.

Having completed a Masters in Counselling and a Bachelor of Education, Michelle offers a service to help you make sense of inner confusion and past wounds, repair relationships, overcome grief and loss, while developing personaland professional growth, buildingresilience, and creating that work-life balance. She will assist you todiscover tools and strategies that will move you closer to the life you have yearned for.Michelle has a desire to see individuals achieve restorationand wholeness that aligns with the ethos of Solothurn, partnering with a team of specialists for wellness.

Her approach to counselling is calm, embraces a client centred framework,is non-judgemental and non- confrontational. Utilizing a variety of interventions tailored to client needs and with a strong focus on the therapeutic relationship, Michelle strives to ensure positive outcomes for clients and best practice standards.Michelle is a registered member of the Australian Counselling Association – Level 2 Number 2073. She is also a Trainer and Assessor for students studying the Diploma of Counselling course and group facilitator.

Chef - Shane Galvin

With 20 years experience as a chef, Shane has been on a food journey. After training in Sydney, he took his experience back to his home in tropical North Queensland, where he has successfully run his own businesses, catered for many celebrities and worked in some of Australia’s finest 5 star resorts, including the Sea Temple Port Douglas and Sheraton.

Whatever the job description or occasion, Shane has used his wealth of knowledge along with the understanding and importance of eating clean, healthy local produce to showcase his skills. Here at Solothurn, Shane says: “It’s very important to eat right, using the freshest locally grown produce to support the local farming communities. The local produce sector is what keeps Australia ticking”

Outside the chef world, Shane has been heavily involved in the local AFL scene on the Sunshine Coast, where he has been a successful coach of junior teams for the past 4 years. With over 35 years experience in the sport playing in some of the highest leagues in the country he is again putting on the boots this season at 40 something.

“Keeping fit and eating right is very important for a good life balance. Life throws challenges at you, it’s up to you if you want to take them on.”

Lily Taloola – Wellness Coach

Qualified PT, Yoga and Meditation Instructor and Gardening Therapist

From a young age Lily always knew she wanted to pursue a career within the health & wellness industry.

After spending several years competing at an elite level as a competitive wakeboarder, she suffered an injury on the water resulting in her introduction to yoga, fitness and the importance of nutrition as a means of rehabilitation.

Having always had a strong passion towards the physical & mental balance of ones’ health & wellbeing, it comes as no surprise that this is now the career path Lily walks today.

After spending the best part of her adult life traveling the world to promote the importance of this conscious way of living, Lily now lives here on the Sunshine Coast of Australia where she spends her time sharing these holistic therapies with those who are recovering from mental health issues & substance abuse. Helping guide those individuals towards a life enriched with self-care, happiness and contentment.
Lily introduces garden therapy, mindful movement & meditation into the lives of others to help improve the quality of their life.

“Not only have I seen the mental & physical benefits that these holistic therapies have on others, I have also experienced the transformational qualities myself. I feel so blessed to share these grounding experiences with others. I honestly can’t think of anything else I’d rather do.Just being present whilst others go through such an amazing journey of self discovery & healing is a beautiful experience.
I help people realise that they have the tools within themselves to uncover want they are searching for. I offer support and guidance to people on their own personal healing journey.”

“Only when we start to explore ourselves can we truly let go of everything that makes us question ourselves. Only then can we find true peace, happiness and contentment within ourselves.”


Natasha Symons (Counsellor, Meditation Instructor and Host)

Natasha is a Sunshine Coast hinterland local where she lives with her partner Shane and their 9 year old daughter Isla, whom Natasha describes as her greatest teacher.

Natasha has recently completed a Diploma of Counselling and Graduate Diploma in Relationship Counselling and prior to her studies, she facilitated women’s circles in Gympie and Yandina for about 7 years.

She has studied many metaphysical concepts through to practitioner and teacher level and facilitated workshops for over 10 years.

Natasha was also the Centre Coordinator for 3 charity centres with St Vincent de Paul which she says was an incredible experience and one that taught her a great deal about herself and others. She oversaw over 140 volunteers (often twice her age), with many of their own issues and challenges; and assisted clients from all walks of life with a multitude of life experiences, some of which challenged her beliefs and preconceived ideas.

Natasha is grateful to have been part of Solothurn in its early birthing stages and believes in humanity. She is passionate about inspiring others to take back their power.
Natasha is interested in each guest’s story and through story, supports each guest to become the author and illustrator of their own book.

Be the change you want to see in the world…Mahatma Gandhi

Richard Brown – Host and Personal Trainer

Richard is a ‘glass half full’ type of person with boundless energy and enthusiasm, always willing to positively contribute and participate in programs and projects that empower individuals and communities. He is also a natural teacher and mentor and prides himself on being an innovative thinker.

Over the past 29 years, Richard has established, owned/operated and managed multiple successful businesses across several industry sectors throughout Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. He feels the knowledge and skills gained through these ventures, plus ongoing Professional Development studies has provided him with a comprehensive bank of tools and resources to help those who are ready for a positive change in their lives.

Richard’s qualifications include a Diploma of Management, Cert IV in Small Business Management, Cert IV in Training and Assessment, Cert III & IV in Fitness and trade qualifications in Baking and Pastry Cooking.

Richard’s hobbies include: playing drums and guitar; going to the gym, squash, tennis, reading and computers.


Transpersonal Art Therapist – Willow Salathiel

Creativity is the language of the soul and Willow’s passion is in supporting people to re-connect, re-awaken and gain greater access to that language!

Willow’s approach is very grounded, strength based and centred around the understanding that each of us have within us, the knowing of what we need to restore health and harmony to our lives.

Most people however, respond to life using their rational thought processes, or react from the deep unconscious beliefs they have about how they believe life to be: flowing with and responding to whatever life presents to them.
Layers of past trauma, limiting beliefs and circumstances often make it difficult to access our body’s wisdom and it is from the place of health and balance that positive decisions and life choices can be made.

Willow explains that when we trust the creative process and allow it to be our guide, we have the opportunity to discover both a voice for our painful memories and a pathway to our healing.

Willow’s training is in Transpersonal Art Therapy, the Arts and Psychology. It was her love for a more somatic (body) arts approach to healing (particularly with trauma held in the nervous system) that drew her to studying further in Maleny. With a deep love for the hills and an instant connection to Maleny folk and their friendliness, Willow soon moved here and found her way gratefully to Solothurn.

Willow has facilitated Art Therapy workshops with men and women of all ages, in the area of rehabilitation and treatment from a range of various traumas.She also has a deep connection with the red country of Australia and whilst working with Solothurn, remains closely connected to her work in the remote areas of Australia as co-facilitator of “Circles of Women” – bringing Art Therapy and holistic healing to remote areas. Willow is enriched through the country that keeps her ‘whole’ through its spirituality and she knows that this feeds into the way she works and inspires and reminds her to maintain a very grounded approach.

She continues to learn and to be inspired to share and bare witness to people’s growth through transpersonal art therapy and is thankful to Solothurn for the opportunity to continue this work.