The Family Experience

Part of the vision for Solothurn is to see relationships restored and families reunited. We know that addiction and poorly managed stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD often have devastating impacts on relationships; all too often tearing families apart.

If you are a family member reading this, we salute you for not giving up.

We feel honoured that you have chosen Solothurn to help you and your loved one lay the foundations for recovery.

Solothurn is proud to be one of the first facilities in Australia to offer a unique family approach to rehabilitation. Our model is entirely person and family centred.

We have incorporated a number of innovations in our program model to offer optimal support to not only the individual receiving treatment, but also for you – their family and loved ones.

Stay a Day

We know that for some guests, having a support person come and stay with them for their first night can make all the difference in them settling in and feeling comfortable and ready to engage with all we have on offer here. This is entirely optional and aimed at increasing your loved one’s level of comfort with their new surroundings and reducing any concern or anxiety they may feel about commencing the program.

“Weekly Connect”

With your loved one’s consent, a Solothurn staff member canconnect with you weekly to give you updates on how they are going, the progress of treatment and any important information, as well as messages of encouragement and support.

Family Therapy

A core aspect of our unique Solothurn model is developing meaningful connections. We focus on helping individuals to gain insights in to how to build and maintain mutually respectful and supportive relationships. We encourage them to heal mind, body and soul and to reach out and restore relationships with key loved ones.

Family counselling is incorporated in to our unique Solothurn model and our qualified therapists will facilitate, either face-to-face or telephone based sessions to help your family unit reconnect, explore important issues, and design practical strategies to help your loved one sustain meaningful change in their lives.

On-site Family Day

Regular family days are held on site at Solothurn, typically on weekends. You are welcome to join us for a meal, with animal feeding activities and a playground for the kids. This is a fun, informal day where you can come and visit your loved one in a relaxed and supportive environment. For guests completing longer term stays, we can also offer on site family accommodation for partners and / or kids to come and visit and stay for a weekend during the latter part of the guest’s program.

Graduation Celebration

For those guests completing a live-in program of six weeks or more in duration, an important aspect of the Solothurn experience is a graduation celebration that marks the formal completion of their program. We would love you to come and join us for a catered dinner meal to mark this important “rite of passage” and your loved one’s transition out of the retreat and back into the community.

Aftercare connections

Just as each guest will receive aftercare support following their completion of a Solothurn program, if your loved one has completed a program of 6 weeks or more, you can also access aftercare contact with a Solothurn team member. This can help you troubleshoot any emerging issues, and provide you with some much needed support and encouragement for yourself as well.

A range of other support options are also available. You may find it useful to connect with groups such as Family Drug Support (phone 1300 368 186); Parentline (phone 1300 30 1300); Australian Drug Information Network (ADIN) and counselling support through The Salvos or Relationships Australia. Beyond Blue can provide support if you are experiencing anxiety or depression (phone 1300 22 4636).

Contact us today to discuss how Solothurn can help you and your loved one. All of our staff have been recruited for their genuine, helpful person-centred approach and you will notice the difference straight away.