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New Ways of Thinking

To change your life, you first need to understand what drives your behaviour and your choices so that you can change these for the better in the future. Our team of qualified therapists will use a range of evidence-based strategies to help you overcome the particular challenges you are facing in your life.

Whether it be stress, anxiety, depression, addiction or PTSD; you will gain rich insights into your past behaviour and into the factors that influence the way you think, feel, learn, behave and react. You will grow in mindfulness and self-awareness, and the ability to regulate and manage your own emotions, your thinking patterns and your self-talk.

You will leave Solothurn with new ways of thinking and equipped with a range of tools and strategies that you can apply to help you to change your life for the better.

Roadmap for the Future

Whilst the beautiful retreat environment of Solothurn offers you the time out and solitude you need to concentrate on healing, at some point you need to return to the “real” world. The Solothurn model has a unique focus on planning for re-entry to your community, right from the outset.

We help you to be explicit in your intentions for the future and realistic about the challenges you are likely to face.We don’t just talk about it. We actually facilitate a process in which you will proactively put together a plan for the future that incorporates a number of different factors.

If you are here to overcome addiction, our unique model will ensure you know what your triggers and high risk situations are, and you will practice strategies for avoiding and managing them in order to minimise potential harm and relapse. You will set up circles of support – a core group of supporters who will provide wrap around support to help buffer and guide you as you step back gently into the real world.

Regardless of what brings you here; whether it be addiction, stress, anxiety, depression or trauma, we will help you set achievable goals for yourself, and we will check in with you regularly to monitor progress, provide assistance, help you tick off your goals and to set new ones. Importantly, we will teach you the underpinning attitudes and outlooks that will help to sustain change over the long term. Gratitude, giving back, meaningful connections with others and celebrating successes with healthy fun are all fundamental to the successful Solothurn model.

During your time at Solothurn, you will learn all of these skills and have time to practice them and hone them to give you the best possible chance of success. You will leave armed with a written personal plan and goals set for the future plus the support network needed to help you make it happen in the real world!

Hands in the Earth

A core component of the Solothurn model is the experience of “having your hands in the earth.” We believe that there is a great healing power in the practices of planting, nurturing and growing plants, trees and fruit and vegetable crops.

Here at Solothurn, you will be invited to share in a number of different activities that involve nurturing the earth. You may help plant, tend and harvest our vegetable and herb gardens. Your chosen contribution to the therapeutic community may be being part of the landscaping crew busily preparing garden beds or weeding the paddocks.

Solothurn is also a registered Land for Wildlife nature conservation property. During your time here, you may be offered the opportunity to take part in one of our revegetation projects to restore the remnant rainforest and bushland on site which is home to a range of beautiful native birds and animals such as echidnas and wallabies.

There is something highly meditative and restorative about spending time outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air, and in using your own hands to tend to growing things. Come and experience it for yourself.

Giving Back

At Solothurn, we practice an everyday “attitude of gratitude”. No matter how challenging the circumstances you are facing, there is always something in your life to be thankful and grateful for. Cultivating an open heart of thankfulness and giving is central to the Solothurn experience.

We provide a number of opportunities for you to “pay it forward.” Our “Art Shed” for instance, is open to all of our guests. A humming, vibrant place right in the heart of all the Solothurn activities, it is equipped with a range of materials and tools that you can use to tinker around and make hand made gifts for others, including your children and loved ones, or to explore yourself more deeply through creative expression.

Solothurn also participates in a range of charity pursuits which you might choose to share in during your stay. In blessing others; you will find you are blessed yourself. You may even pick up a few new hobbies and skills along the way.

Meaningful Connections

Valued and supportive interpersonal relationships are essential for living a connected and fulfilling life. These social bonds help to define your identity and can also provide a sense of security, wellbeing and continuity in your life. Many people who come to Solothurn are impacted by damaged, lost, unhealthy or destructive relationships. For those experiencing depression, anxiety and addiction, we recognise that it often tears families apart.

At Solothurn, we believe that hand in hand with healing yourself is the need to establish healthy and meaningful relationships with people who can provide you with a positive frame of reference and reinforce positive change in your life.

At Solothurn, we will help you develop the skills and insights to understand how to establish and maintain healthy, purposeful and mutually beneficial relationships. Family and relationship counselling is a core aspect of our program model and we use a range of therapies to help you explore a range of issues and begin the healing process. We will also help you to proactively establish “circles of support” for your return home after your retreat.

Having positive people you connect with regularly; mutually checking on each other’s welfare and reinforcing a consistent value system and frame of reference will help you be the best you that you can be!

Therapeutic Community

A therapeutic community as a model of treatment is based on family and community. At its core, it is a self-help approach with key elements including, an order in daily living, provision of a nurturing environment of physical and psychological safety, unconditional individual acceptance and encouragement, honest participation, and shared healthy values.

We have also found that sharing the recovery journey with others in a similar situation is in itself, an important part of the healing process. You will support each other, challenge each other, encourage each other and reinforce the positive attitudes and behaviours needed to sustain meaningful change. Everyone at Solothurn lives by two simple rules during their stay: respect yourself and respect the others in the community.

You will be part of a group of people who respectfully hold each other to account and support each other on the road to recovery from stress, anxiety, depression, addiction and trauma. Everyone at Solothurn is, after all, here for a similar purpose and there are great insights and learning that can be shared by people experiencing and overcoming similar challenges

Unlike a clinical hospital setting, Solothurn will feel more like a healthy family environment; where you will have the opportunity for socialising together in structured activities, laughing, celebrating successes, and marking important milestones in your recovery journey.

Everyone will also be expected to make a meaningful contribution for the benefit of the overall group. We will work with you to find something you are comfortable with – like helping to collect the chickens’ eggs, feeding the animals, working in the vege garden or helping to set up for meals. There is dignity in work, and in doing your share, and these are behaviours that will reinforce the new mindsets you will learn during your Solothurn stay.

Smiling Again (Reclaiming Joy)

Stress, anxiety, depression, addiction and trauma combined with the hectic pace of modern living can rob you of your joy.
Here at Solothurn, we aim to provide a happy, sunny, positive environment in which you can rediscover your “joie de vivre” and reconnect you with clean and pure fun that makes you feel good about yourself and your life.

On-site, there are a range of recreational activities – a 25 metre swimming pool, a full size tennis court, bushwalking tracks, ping pong tables and snooker table and a fully equipped gym. We facilitate a range of healthy recreational activities – making the most of what the beautiful Sunshine Coast region has to offer. It might be a beach or national park walk, a sunrise yoga session, a fishing trip, or a stand up paddle boarding lesson in the summer months. At night, it might be a BBQ, or a campfire under the stars.

We will help you to re-establish a healthy balance in your life or re-discover what it means to have fun without the drugs and the alcohol or without the niggling self doubt and negative self talk of anxiety and depression. It is our belief that a meaningfully connected, purpose driven life and the pursuit of healthy activities that make you feel good are essential ingredients for healthy living.

You will prove to yourself that you can do it, which will help you to build the confidence you need to apply those same balanced living skills when you return home.
In healing yourself and in doing good for others through the range of structured opportunities built in to the Solothurn program we want to see you “re-claim your joy”.

Re-connecting with Yourself: Body, Mind and Spirit

Stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and PTSD- particularly over a prolonged period of time, damage your self esteem, your relationships and your own sense of self identity, self worth and meaning. Here at Solothurn, we are 100% committed to providing a safe, healing environment where you can re-connect with the best “you” possible. We want to see you heal body, mind and spirit.

Our team of university qualified and richly experienced therapists will utilise a range of creative mediums to help you explore yourself, express yourself and flourish in a new found sense of purpose, meaning and direction. In addition to more traditional models of psychotherapy, we also use a range of evidence based therapies from around the world. This includes music and art therapy, where the focus is not so much on the artistic skills and techniques themselves, but on the process and the opportunity they provide for self-expression and the exploration of many personal issues.

These sessions see people truly flourish under the gentle guidance and direction of our trained therapist; exploring and expressing deeply seated emotions, ideas and creative energies. From journey mapping to totem poles, to writing and playing your own music and everything in between, the expressive therapies have been proven to play an important role in helping people develop insights into their patterns of behaviour.

Similarly, research confirms the range of positive benefits that can be derived from animal assisted therapy. Here at Solothurn, you will have plenty of opportunity to interact with our menagerie of farm animals and the native animals such as wallabies and birds that call Solothurn home. There is something intuitively right and healing about interacting with other living creatures and helping to take responsibility for their care.

We also provide more structured opportunities for interaction through our equine therapy program which is delivered by a highly skilled and experienced facilitator. Interacting with our herd of four horses and ponies, you will explore a range of issues and learn to reflect and observe on behaviour and the dynamics of interaction.

Our structured group programs will help you develop skills and insights to better understand what drives your behaviour and how to proactively change this for the better in the future. Remedial massage, meditation and yoga are also key offerings at Solothurn. Yoga is for anyone at any age. If a person is physically strong and healthy, yoga will help them to continue on that path. If, on the other hand, health has been compromised due to a recent illness or a personal challenge of some kind, yoga will help regain lost flexibility, stamina and balance.

Our yoga teacher explains that yoga is a conscious, intelligent, expansive, non-mechanical approach to exercise involving the whole person, body, mind and spirit. Yoga benefits the body by building strength, endurance, balance, and stamina. Its message is to honour the body by eating healthy foods, exercising, and getting proper rest.

Yoga benefits the mind by helping clear mental clutter, improving concentration, calming and steadying emotions. Yoga also teaches a broader perspective and patience. Yoga benefits the spirit by expanding awareness and encouraging peacefulness. Yoga also encourages practitioners to listen to their heart and develop compassion and love for self and others.

Similarly, in the summer months our surfing or stand up paddle boarding lessons encourage you to actively feel the connection between body, mind and spirit; awakening your senses and encouraging a sense of overall calmness and both physical and mental wellbeing. There is a special natural “rush” that comes from a great session out on the ocean with the sun on your face and the salt water on your skin. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, we look forward to sharing the local waves with you.

Our chef designed menu of fresh seasonal produce (using locally sourced and organic ingredients where possible) is designed to replenish your body and help you feel well again. Here at Solothurn, you can be actively involved in farming the land and then eating produce fresh from the field or vege patch that you have planted and tended with your own hands.

The stunning grounds of Solothurn – from the beautiful old fig trees to the rolling green pasture dotted with sheep and cattle naturally encourage a sense of peace and time out for reflection and meditation.

Solothurn is a special place and from the moment you arrive at the spectacular tree lined entrance you will know you have arrived in a place of healing. We are looking forward to welcoming you soon and helping you restore wellness to your body, mind and spirit.