What People Say

The Solothurn team are proud of our record of providing caring, effective, non judgemental support and treatment for people experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, addiction and trauma.

Coming to Solothurn is a life changing experience. A testament to the relationships built here and the effectiveness of our therapeutic community is that many people stay in touch long after the formal program and aftercare support has ended.

After completing a program at Solothurn, you are welcome to visit any time and remain in touch for support and encouragement. You become part of the Solothurn community…


A lovely message of gratitude and thanks from Tracy with a rainy day shot she got of one of the beautiful trees at Solothurn.
October 2017



“I created this Solothurn flag to express how I feel about Solothurn and my time here.”
Ric, August 2017


Leona Newstead

I am writing to say thank you to all of the very special people at Solothurn Retreat . For the past 10 years my daughter had beenon a downward spiral with drugs, mainly Crystal Meth, nothing I said or did made a difference. Some months back she finally hit that “Rock Bottom ” often talked about and asked for help. After some very careful research I chose Solothurn Retreat and we agreedit would be the best place for her Recovery. During the first few weeks there were some rough times but she came through with the loving and professional help given by Alicia and the other qualified Solothurn people. I was always kept up to date with my daughter’sprogress and even had a phone counselling session myself. My husband and I attended her Graduation lunch and were so overwhelmed with the change in our daughter . She is happy ,so full of life again and currently doing a transition stay there to equip herwith the tools required to enter back into the world. It is early days so I understand about small steps, I also believe happy endings . Thank you for returning my daughter back to me as a whole person.”


Cameron’s mum




C. Central Queensland

“I did a 2 week program at Solothurn to deal with crippling anxiety that was wrecking my life, my marriage and my work. I had seen psychologists before but never really found I could achieve lasting change.

The program at Solothurn changed my life and I am so thankful to Dixie (Dr Statham) and all the incredible staff. They are professional, caring and were really able to get to the core of my issues and help me learn new techniques and tools to handle my anxiety in the future.

I am grateful as well for the follow up check in calls and I am thinking of doing an annual refresher 2 week stay when I can get time off.

I am so glad I reached out for help and found Solothurn. The farm is so beautiful, the mix of activities keeps it interesting and the people are so genuine and professional.

Thanks also to Cheffy – Shane, great food mate!

See you all again soon. Thanks again for helping me change my life for the better.”